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The Love Actually Project
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Time:06:15 pm
I made my own list a while ago... a few of the things, though, the ages are off for the characters.
(It's been ages since I saw the movie, so I kinda forgot the names of some people) ((not all characters are main)) (some characters I got stuck on

- Cheating Girlfriend - Pansy Parkinson
- Boyfriend - Blaise Zambini
- Boyfriend's friend ((instead of brother)) - Draco Malfoy
- Colin - Seamus Finnigan
- Colin's friend - Dean Thomas
- Aurelia - Gabrielle Delacour
- Natalie - Natalie McDonald
- PM - Percy Weasley
- Guy who's wife died - Neville Longbottom
- Guy's wife - Luna Lovegood
- Juliet - Hermione
- Peter - Ron
- Peter's friend - Harry
- Aurelia's sister - Fleur ((Instead of ugly, she's pretty))


Washed up guy
Sara's brother
Harry's Wife
((it's difficult for me to pick Klark/Sara because they were my fave. characters from the movie))
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Subject:The Love Actually Project
Time:10:30 pm
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The Love Actually Project
by Celebren and Laura.

Chapter One.
Remus and Nymphadora- The PM and the Secetary
Viktor Krum and Igor Karkaroff- The Ex-Rockstar and the Manager.

Lupin looked out at the Heathrow Airport, and smiled to himself. He observed everything, some things, more than others. He was waiting for someone, but he wasn't sure who it was.

Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow airport... he thought. As the Minister of Magic, it was Lupin's job to make sure that things went well.

Turning around, he saw many couples kissing, smiling, laughing and greeting each one in the most enthusiastic fashion possible. He was forty-five, nearly entering his twilight years, yet he was unmarried. He wasn't sure why that was, or how it had come to be, but it was a sad, sorry state of affairs.

Lupin couldn't bear it any longer. Glancing warily around, Remus Lupin apparated away from the crowds, and disappeared into the bowels of Diagon Alley.

Two blocks away from Heathrow Airport, in a dingy little recording studio, Viktor Krum, one of Bulgaria's most famous singers, belted out a tune that he hoped would make him popular once more.

"I feel it in my fingers
I feel it in my toes
Love is---"

Realising he'd made a mistake, Igor Karkaroff killed the microphone, setting off a loud noise that sounded suspiciously like feedback. "I'm afraid you've done it again, Vik," he said.

Viktor glared at Karkaroff, before deciding to speak. "I know the old version so well, Igor."

"We all do," Karkaroff replied dryly, "Which is why we're making the new one."

Rolling his eyes, Krum waited for the music to begin, before breaking into the song once more.

"I feel it in my fingers
I feel it in my toes
Christmas is all around me
And so the feeling grows..."

Lupin apparated to the Minister of Magic's residency. Hogwarts, as it was known by the residents and the government, had stood for over one thousand years. He smelt the magnesium sulphate in the air from the flash bulbs that went off when he apparated. Smiling awkwardly and waving, Lupin hurried quickly inside.

Once inside, his personal secretary, Annie--a lovely-looking witch in her mid thirties greeted him. "How does it feel to be Minister of Magic, Lupin?" she asked, as he kissed her cheek in greeting.

"Cool. Powerful," he said, wishing that his friends from school could see him now. Sirius would laugh, and James would clap him on the back, calling him "Prefect Moony."

Annie nodded, smiling at Lupin. She liked him--he was a nice bloke, decent--if not unmarried due to his working commitments.

Looking at the interior of Hogwarts, Lupin saw the previous blokes who'd been Minister before him. There was this one picture, however, which made him shiver whenever he saw it. The previous Minister for Magic's portrait was of Cornelius Fudge--and he'd been an incumbent fool.

Anything to put off actually fixing Fudge's mistakes would be good, he thought.

Annie was still speaking. "I'll introduce you to the household staff, shall I?" she asked, and Remus nodded, glad of the distraction.

Going down the line, Annie introduced all of them. When she got to the woman standing at the end of the line, she paused.

"This is Nymphadora--she's new here, like you," she said, smiling warmly at Nymphadora and Remus.

"Hello, Remus--I mean--Sir--oh shit!" Tonks said, laughing a bit.

((And Celers, as usual, feel free to edit this...-Laura))
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Subject:Cast List
Time:08:26 pm
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A bit of history:

Celebren and I had the crazy idea that we'd write a Harry Potter fic using the storylines from Love Actually.

Here is the cast list:

PM: Remus Lupin
Natalie: Nymphadora Tonks
PM's sister:Sibyl Trelawney
Billy:Viktor Krum
Joe, Billy's Manager: Igor Karkaoff
Sarah:Fleur Delacour
Karl:Bill Weasley
Sarah's brother (or in this case, sister): Gabrielle Delacour
Daniel:Sirius Black
Sam: Harry Potter
Joanna: Ginny Weasley
Mark:Colin Creevy
Juliet:Lavender Brown
Peter:Ronald Weasley
Judy: Lily Evans
Jack: James Potter
Jamie:Draco Malfoy
Aurelia:Pansy Parkinson
Colin: Fred Weasley
The American Girls: Katie Bell, Alicia Spinnet, Angelina Johnson and an Original Character.
Tony: George Weasley
Mia: Hermione Granger
Of course, I could be wrong with the cast list...Lemme know, Celers!
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The Love Actually Project
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